Star Fruit

Star Fruit is a juicy tropical fruit and are an excellent source of Vitamin C. With only 30 calories per fruit plus lots of fiber, star fruit is a great choice for anyone trying to lose weight.  When Star fruit are ripe they may have some dark brown along the five ridges - this is normal. The flesh should still be quite firm to the touch, however when ripe. When over-ripe, star fruit turns entirely yellow and starts to have brown spots all over. They're also very healthy - full of antioxidants and flavonoids. The fruit's flavor ranges from very sour to mildly sweet and tastes something like a mix of apple, pineapple, and kiwi fruit. It is commonly used in salads, desserts, or simply eaten out of hand.


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Star Fruit Steak View
Pluot and Star Fruit French Vanilla Pudding Pie View

Nutritional Information

Serving Size 1 Fruit
Calories 39
Carbohydrates 9 g
Dietary Fiber 4 g
Vitamin C 73 %