Celebrating National Organic Harvest Month

For those of us in the Natural Foods and Organic industry, no holiday is bigger than celebrating Organic Harvest Month in September. During these 30 days, it is both the honor and responsibility of Natural Foods stores (and stores carrying organic foods) across the country to celebrate, enlighten and educate their communities about organic agriculture. Unlike most major holidays, National Organic Harvest Month will not typically show up on your calendar, nor will you likely overhear your shoppers talking excitedly about how they will celebrate the month.

The challenge with this particular holiday is that, as of yet, there is not the built-in infrastructure within our culture to make this holiday seem bigger than life as with many of our current cultural celebrations. The responsibility for landing this month-long celebration on the map must come from the Organic and Natural Foods community, most particularly from you, the retailers, who most directly interact and communicate with the people in our communities. We are still pioneering this holiday. We can’t just plug into the coattails of this celebration and expect big sales without much effort. This is our holiday. We must own it, and we must make it happen! With about a month until September, go ahead and toss your hat into the ring today and make the commitment to have this Organic Harvest celebration be the most dynamic yet.

To help with your celebration, Albert’s Organics has created a poster that you can use in your Produce department or store that will clearly let your customers know that you are all about this celebration. The poster is designed for the occasion and you can take the file to a Kinko’s or local sign shop to have printed for a very reasonable cost. The actual size of the poster is 18”x24” – large enough to be seen, and small enough to work in just about any store. If your store is very large, well, go ahead and print out as many as you need to fill out your department. You can download the file by visiting the Signage Resources section of our full site.

Thanks for participating in National Organic Harvest Month and we hope you have a wonderful celebration!