It All Begins with a Vision

Most important in any produce department – going beyond pricing, operations, scheduling, all the day-in-day-out tasks – is having a vision that everyone on the team can not only understand, but can reach towards everyday they show up for work.

What is it that you really sell in your organic produce section? Is it simply organic fruits and vegetables? Because, if that’s your bottom line, then how can you differentiate yourself from every other store? Your vision is not about the product you sell – it’s about the concepts and the principals your company stands for.

Food is just the tangible evidence of your larger mission. Understanding that mission and vision is what makes your department work – well above executing all of your operations flawlessly.

As a retailer of organic fresh foods, you are part of something truly special. Every day, you are changing the way people eat, and sometimes it’s done one apple at a time, or one piece of garlic at a time; but by selling and promoting organic produce, you are making a difference.

If you want to get everyone in your department excited about their job – help them to see and understand your larger vision. How we approach our work is what really matters on the job; and in produce, you can either see the job as unloading trucks, putting away food, setting up the rack, and providing a little customer service… or, you can see your job as helping to change the way people eat, and in that way, you really are changing the world. It’s not difficult to see which of these perspectives is more exciting, motivating, compelling, and inspiring.