Making an Impact with Large Displays

Let your customers know what you are excited about. Take some chances, spread out a bit on a few displays, and see if the "abundance theory" really works. In our culture, "large" does seem to have an impact. If it's large and dynamic, chances are it will at least get a good look. This notion certainly holds true for produce. Here are a few of the benefits for going large with your key displays:

Intrigue - Large abundant displays create intrigue. Even if a shopper sees a large display from afar (and does not even initially recognize the particular item), they will want to check out what all the "excitement" is about. When we see abundance we are typically drawn towards it! Even if you have created a large display of onions - a very utilitarian item, (and certainly not high on the excitement meter) chances are that your shoppers will still flock to the display to check it out. Intrigue will manifest as questions or assumptions running through their minds such as: "there must be something unusual about these onions" or "I wonder if these are those special, super mild onions?" Whatever the internal dialogue created by the intrigue, the abundant display draws the customer in.

Value - This may be the first thought that enters the shopper’s mind when they see a bigger than life display. When we see large, we tend to associate it with a “special” or certainly a great value. Even without seeing a sign to indicate that an item is being featured for price, if the display is massive, it is typically assumed that the price is right and shoppers will at least give the display a visit. Once the shopper arrives at the display, even if you are not featuring the item based on price, it can still be an excellent value due to the quality, freshness, or seasonality of the product.

Appeal - Of course, if you have done an outstanding job in creating your large merchandising effort, you are nearly guaranteed that shoppers will check out your work. Even though we shop for items that taste good, it is our eyes that lead us around a store. Make it big and beautiful - take the ordinary and make it extraordinary! Imagine a peach display; mixing the beautiful hues and colors from the different angles of the peach and creating a visual masterpiece that the shopper cannot resist. This is the appeal of a large display - it becomes irresistible.

Take advantage of the opportunity to explore your creative talents. Your "produce canvas" is about to become considerably larger. Now it's time to completely "WOW' your shoppers with your work. Think big, think dynamic, and think beautiful... and, you'll be on your way to success.