New Year's Resolutions

Can you believe it? The New Year is already upon us. Now that the pressures of the holiday season are behind us, the New Year feels like a welcome relief. Of course, there is one slight pressure typically associated with the New Year - establishing your New Year’s Resolutions. In an effort to take some of this “resolution pressure” off your shoulders, here are a few ready-established produce resolutions that can at least help you kick off the New Year within your work environment. The list below (in no particular order), if implemented, has the potential to enhance the overall well being of your produce department.

- Set up a regular cleaning schedule for your department that includes at least some cleaning every week.
- Commit to actively sampling product at least once a week in your department.
- Reset your department at least four times this year synchronizing with seasonal changes.
- Have regularly weekly meetings with your team (even if just for 10 minutes a week), where you are actively sharing information, developing strategies, and leading and encouraging your team in a structured setting!
- Set sales goals for each quarter and develop strategies for achieving these goals.
- Set up regular rotation schedules for all of the product in your department.
- Commit to having at least 4 items on special every week. When well executed, a specials program can be one of your strongest allies in enhancing sales!
- Raise your gross margin for the upcoming year without raising your prices. This can be achieved through monitoring shrink, daily product rotations, effective salesmanship and smart buying.
- Have your potato and onion section (often the step child of the department) look as strong as your best section on a regular basis. Remember, your department is only as good as your weakest area. If you have no weak area, that makes a ringing statement to your customers.
- Have fun! Delight in the fact that you work in a dynamic and creative industry, where not only your co-workers, but your customers as well, share in the vision of a healthy planet. And remember, even those customers that may seem a bit annoying at times, they too are contributing to the good health of our environment by simply showing up and buying organic food!

Have a wonderful New Year!