Resetting Your Fruit Displays

Every now and then it’s good to rearrange your department and just shake things up a bit. It’s easy for your customers to become creatures of habit. They know exactly where the different items are located that they frequently buy, and it’s as if they stop paying attention to the entirety of your department while in route to the items on their lists. Re-shuffling the deck a bit, if you will, will force your shoppers to develop new routes to their favorite products, and along the way they are more likely to notice new items as well as seasonal impulse items that might have been overlooked otherwise.


Another good reason for rearranging the department is to feature and promote the seasonal items that are hot tickets! As we move into the Autumn and Winter months there are a couple of times during the season when the fruit tables should be reset in order to promote the seasonal items for that particular time of year: apple and pear season and citrus season. When each of these different categories are in full swing it is vital to the overall merchandising success of your department that these items are the first hit that any customer receives when they enter your department. These are the items that should be aggressively sampled, and these are the items that should be bursting off the rack as shoppers walk in! Here are some ideas for how to make these key reset times of the year be successful.


Apples and Pears: This reset should occur as soon as new crop apples are back in full swing. The phrase “new crop” has no stronger meaning than when applied to apples. We have become so accustomed to year round apples, and even most shoppers are aware that they are eating 9 month old apples by summer, that the new season is very welcomed in the world of produce. Take advantage of the nice contrasting colors of red and green to create a wonderful autumn set. As soon as shoppers enter your department the very first thing they should see is apples and pears. This display should be so compelling that it is nearly impossible to imagine how someone could walk in and not place at least a few pieces of autumn fruit in their shopping cart. To go along with your dynamic display a nice banner overhead that reads “NEW CROP ORGANIC APPLES AND PEARS” will go along way towards generating excitement about the Autumn season. Make sure that you are familiar with all the varieties of apples and pears that you carry. Your team should know which apples are crunchy, which apples cook well, which apples are tart, and which ones are sweet. With pears, everyone should be trained on how tell when a pear is ripe and ready to eat.


Citrus: As with apples, this reset should occur when citrus season hits its stride in late Autumn. As bright colored and beautiful as citrus fruits are, ironically when they are all displayed together with no other items in between, the display does not work. There is not enough color difference in the yellows and oranges to give the color contrast that is needed to really make a fruit display work. A very nice technique to use for this set is to alternate rows of apples and citrus. Even though citrus is the main attraction, apples are still extremely popular and not coming out of storage yet. In addition, the color breaks work beautifully. The deep color of a red delicious apple next to the brilliant hue of a navel orange is stunning. The combinations of reds, greens, oranges and yellows will make for a very exciting merchandising effort.