Selling Watermelons

When done well, few items generate as much excitement and added sales as watermelons. Here are a few key points to keep in mind when merchandising watermelons that will benefit you in promoting this warm weather treat.


Watermelons are an impulse purchase and must attract attention in order to sell well. Typically you can display your watermelons in the bins they are shipped in. The nice thing about the bins is that you have a portable display and can place them in a key location within the store, rather than always in the produce department. The key is to have them as close to the store entrance as possible and so visible that customers cannot help but notice them. It's all about location!


It may initially seem like a "no brainer" to display watermelons - just get the bin in the right location and watch them sell. Actually, this strategy (which unfortunately is far too often used) will do very little to help your watermelon sales. The key to the display is to actually have the melons visible. Nothing looks worse at the front of the store than a watermelon bin where the melons are halfway shopped down so that what the customer actually sees is a large empty looking container. Not to mention that if they do happen to peek inside and see a melon they want, getting it out of the bin becomes a back-breaking experience.


This is very important - you must make sure that at all times your melons are "mounded" above the brim of the bin, creating that full and abundant look. The best way to do this is, when setting your display, to first take all the melons out of the bin. Then, once all the melons are out, create a false bottom using cardboard boxes. Once the melons are back in the bin they will "mound" up over the top of your display and will be very visible and apparent to your customers. Each morning when setting up your department, you will need to repeat this process, as these melons will surely sell. I realize this is a bit of work, but to have a beautiful display it often takes work, ingenuity and a pinch of creativity.


Keep in mind that this display (since it will be what customers first see when entering your store) will set the tone for your customer’s entire shopping experience. So make sure the bin is neat and clean (no tags dangling off the side or shrink wrap scraps hanging off the pallet).


Once your display is set at the front of the store, and the melons are brimming over the top of the bin, it's time to add some finishing touches. Even though shoppers will easily recognize what the product is, your signage is still critical, particularly if the melons are being featured. Avoid taping the sign onto the bin. When you do this, you pretty much guarantee that no one will notice it. Instead, attach your signage to a wooden dowel, and when you are placing your melons in the bin, place the dowel in the center of the display so that it sticks out and is easily seen. Make sure the dowel is straight and the sign is neatly attached. The sign will need periodic straightening, but it will be well worth the extra effort because it will draw your shopper’s attention.




Click Here or on the image above to download the attention-getting sign.