Sweet Summer Corn

Typically, it is the lush summer fruits that we tend to focus on when presenting our dynamic summer-look, and yet it is actually a vegetable that really rules the summer produce season. That vegetable, of course, is corn. Perhaps even more so than having the best watermelons or peaches, if you have what people perceive as the freshest, best corn in town, your summer produce sales will be strong. Shoppers are willing to drive extra miles, put up with ridiculous traffic, and forget that they are "hurried, multi-tasking Americans" for a brief time, all in search of the perfect ear of corn. Knowing this, it goes without saying that the one of the keys to summer produce sales is presenting your corn in a manner that depicts abundance and freshness! There are three keys to successfully selling corn in the summer:


LOCATION! LOCATION! LOCATION! - Don't hide your corn. It needs to be very visible. Corn is one of the few vegetables with a strong impulse value. When customers see great corn, even if it is not on their meal plan at all, it can still easily find its way into their shopping carts. Corn does not necessarily need to be refrigerated while on display. This affords you far more freedom with your display. What your corn display will need is a regular misting schedule. It won't need as much water as lettuces and greens, but a light regular misting is critical for keeping the corn looking fresh and avoiding that dried out appearance. Imagine that as your customers enter the department they are greeted by a nice bin of corn. If well merchandised, it can easily be the best selling item coming out of your department.


MERCHANDISING! - The message your customers should immediately get from your corn display is that you have plenty of it and it's the best. For corn to sell, it needs a bountiful display. It's definitely an item that needs the display to be a proclamation. Corn is relatively easy to merchandise as it stacks very well. Placing a few ears on top of the display that have the center peeled back featuring the fresh kernels is very effective. Avoid having your display look like the corn was just tumbled out of the crate. And to go along with your beautiful sweet corn display, we are providing an attractive sweet corn sign. Click here, or on the image below to download.



PREPPING! - That's correct; corn should always be prepped. This process is twofold. First, you want to trim back the stalk end of the corn, keeping it neat and flat. Avoid "whacking this end of the corn - you need for your cut to be neat and precise. After trimming the stalk end, you flip the corn to the tassel end. It's very difficult to get a clean cut of the tassels using a knife - it usually ends up ripping more than cutting. The best method for trimming the tassel end is to snip it using a pair of scissors. Most departments will whack away even at the tassel end, leaving a very rough looking ear of corn on display. A nice way to distinguish your corn display is to have very neatly trimmed ears. Remember, it's all the cumulative little touches that you provide that set you apart from your competition.