Thanksgiving Retail Tools

The weeks leading into Thanksgiving are about as crazy as it gets in the world of retailing food. The week leading into the big stretch should see a pretty significant uptick in both traffic and sales at your store. To assist you with the upcoming onslaught, we have a few Thanksgiving merchandising tools that we offer each year that are typically very well received and used with excellent success.

There are 3 tools that we offer that you can download; print out; and have ready for this weekend in your store:

1) Thanksgiving Favorites Signs - A PDF file containing 11 signs of “Thanksgiving Favorites” with QR codes to make shopping easier - reminding shoppers of some of the key holiday items that they’ll want to make sure end up in their shopping carts. By using these signs, you will be featuring and promoting some of the strong items that you will want to move this holiday season.

2) How to Cook A Turkey - This is one our most popular pieces and many stores have had excellent success printing out these flyers for their customers. It provides an easy and fun method for preparing a truly delicious bird.

3) How to Carve a Turkey - this piece is quite popular as well. Who hasn’t been in that awkward place where you’re asked to carve the turkey, while a table full of people (many you’re meeting for the first time) will assess your craftsmanship with a knife. This little flyer will comfortably get you through such an episode with flying colors.

Have a wonderful week of sales; we hope these signs and flyers contribute to your retail success; and enjoy your Thanksgiving.